A Brand for Everyone in the Family

From baby and adult care, to first aid and sleep-aid products, our medicated brands have been trusted by families and recommended by experts and healthcare professions for generations.


With two formulations, Balmex is clinically proven to help prevent and treat diaper rashes as well as help heal most skin irritations on baby’s delicate skin.

Balmex AdultAdvantage

balmex adultadvantage

A clinically proven skin relief cream that works to protect, soothe and heal skin that’s been damaged or is at risk of damage from incontinence.

PediaCare Product Family


Dedicated to Kids. Trusted for Generations. Fast acting PediaCare is a trusted brand for relieving children’s cough, cold, congestion, pain, and fever.

Bacitracyin Plus

A single-ingredient antibiotic ointment that also contains soothing aloe, sting-free Bacitracyin Plus treats minor cuts, burns and abrasions while accelerating the healing process and minimizing scarring.


Sting-Kill is the only over-the-counter, maximum strength treatment that instantly relieves the pain and the itch from insect stings and bites.



Chiggerex ointment provides fast, soothing relief from the pain and itch of chigger, mosquito and all bug bites.


Fire-Out is the only over-the-counter, maximum strength roll-on treatment that targets the pain and itch caused by fire ant bites.


Safe and effective, Dormin is the original night-time sleep aid that’s clinically proven to help people fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

E-R-O Earwax Removal Kit


A complete 3-Step Ear Wax Removal Kit.  Doctor-recommended Safe, Fast-Acting Ear Cleaning System contains Micro-Foaming Drops (carbamide peroxide and natural botanicals), Washer Bulb, and an Ear Wax Cleaning Tool with Safety Guard.