With flu on the rise, suppliers offer relief for symptoms

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As seasonal flu activity remains elevated nationally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is tracking when, where and what influenza viruses are spreading and their impact on the public’s health. So far this season, the most commonly reported influenza viruses are type A(H1N1) and type B viruses. According to CDC research, this could mean more severe outcomes among people who are hospitalized with flu.

A CDC study published in November in The Lancet Microbe looked at outcomes by influenza type and subtype from 2010 to 2019 among more than 100,000 people hospitalized with influenza illness. Despite a higher number of hospitalizations caused by flu A(H3N2) viruses, patients who were hospitalized with flu A(H1N1) or B viruses had a higher likelihood of severe in-hospital out- comes compared with people who were hospitalized with flu A(H3N2) virus infections, the study found. More severe outcomes could mean greater demand for advanced medical care in the intensive care unit, such as mechanical ventilation, which could strain health care resources.

"We see consumers focusing on brands they trust with flavors their children will take to bring fast-acting relief."

The reasons for increased odds of severe illness with influenza A(H1N1) or influenza B viruses are unclear, but all seasonal influenza viruses can cause severe illness, and it’s important that people take precautions to protect them- selves against influenza when any seasonal influenza viruses are spreading.

CrossingWell, a family-owned business established in 1979 with a growing portfolio of over-the-counter legacy brands, relaunched PediaCare in the spring of 2023. PediaCare is a well known and customer-loved brand since the mid-1980s with formulations for pain/fever reduction and cough/cold. Pedia-Care is safe and effective and is a brand 100% dedicated to kids that has been trusted by parents for generations. The brand was relaunched with the most popular flavors, and many retailers are leaning in to PediaCare to offer more choice for their consumers in addition to a single national brand and private label. Adding a second trusted, national brand offers choice to consumers and, based on 2023 chain loyalty data, brings incremental dollars through new shoppers into the set and builds shopper baskets at an above average rate compared to other brands. CrossingWell supports its brands, including PediaCare, behind on-shelf promotions and multiple geo-targeted marketing initiatives, says Jim Creagan, president of CrossingWell Consumer Health.

“The cough/cold/flu market seems to be returning to ‘normal’ for 2023-24. After the disruptions caused by COVID-19 and its interplay with other respiratory illnesses, we see this winter showing a return to normal seasonal timing of respiratory illness,” says Creagan. “Specifically in the pediatric cough/cold/fever area we see consumers focusing on brands they trust with flavors their children will take to bring fast-acting relief.”

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