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CORNWALL, N.Y. — Randob Labs is a private, family-held company that has been in business since 1979. The company has been in the Creagan family since 1991, and current president Jim Creagan is the second-generation owner.

The company is investing in brands for long-term growth. Randob’s focus is on providing safe, high-quality brands at excellent value. Randob has traditionally done well revitalizing and maintaining heritage brands, as evidenced by its ability to achieve consistent double-digit growth year over year with this strategy.

The private ownership of Randob allows for long-term investment in brand health.

The private ownership of Randob allows for long-term investment in brand health to introduce its products to new customers and grow market share. In 2018, Randob acquired the venerable Balmex Brand. Since then, the company invested in quantitative consumer research that provided the key insights for the development of its new Balmex packaging creative, a differentiated but particularly meaningful claims set, and consumer messaging for both the baby diaper rash line and for the adult incontinence business. Randob is especially optimistic about the future trajectory of the Balmex brand.

Last year, Randob acquired Chiggerex, E-R-O Ear Wax Removal, and a small portfolio of other brands. These brands came off the market due to a manufacturer bankruptcy, and Randob is relaunching the brands. Chiggerex was the No. 1-selling brand for chigger bites nationally and was available at Walmart for several years. Randob has brought it back chainwide at Walmart as well as chainwide at CVS Pharmacy and several food retailers. In addition, E-R-O Ear Wax Removal Kit is being introduced to Walgreens stores this summer too.

With the consumer shopping changes due to COVID, Randob Labs heightened its investment behind a much stronger online presence. This included brand strategies based on quantitative research, top-performing keywords, audiences and demographics. With consumers seeking simplified shopping and a “safe” place to buy, Randob invested in multiple initiatives in support of developing its brand businesses and driving sales at Amazon, Retailer.com, brick-and-mortar, as well as new brand websites with e-commerce functionality. Randob works closely with its trade partner, the Emerson Group, in providing its retail partners with fulfillment and supply transparency that includes efforts to ensure continuous product supply during this challenging time with the pandemic.

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