Portability, packaging and preparedness drive first aid growth

via Drug Store News:

At Randob Labs, innovation has taken the form of new packaging and innovative delivery methods for its flagship Sting-Kill product.

For Sting-Kill, Randob Labs president Jim Creagan said the company worked with the Emerson Group to create packaging with clear benefits messaging. Creagan credited the messaging as playing a role in the product getting chain-wide distribution at CVS Pharmacy. The packaging was featured on the company’s signature Sting-Kill swabs and its newer Sting-Kill wipes, which offer a convenience-minded approach to neutralizing the pain associated with bee and wasp stings.

“Sting-Kill swabs and wipes are single-use, and extremely easy to use,” Creagan said.

“Sting-Kill swabs and wipes are single-use, convenient and unique delivery forms, but more importantly are extremely easy to use,” Creagan said. “This is especially important when a sting first occurs so as to administer immediate relief. Both Sting-Kill swabs and wipes portability lends it to easily fit into a backpack, car glove compartment or medicine cabinet.”

Randob also is highlighting its Chiggerex as a product that is essential for consumers in the 19 states where chiggers are highly concentrated, or the 12 states where they can be a nuisance. Having revived the once-defunct brand after acquiring it, Creagan said that it still sells well among those who need it.

“Retailers in these affected areas should stock Chiggerex because it continues to be the No. 1 selling brand for the treatment of chigger bites and has a large, loyal following because its unique formula works so well,” he said. “In fact, during its short disappearance from the market until Randob Labs acquired the brand, consumers were searching where to find Chiggerex and some were paying near $50 a bottle on eBay.”

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