Randob Labs acquires Chiggerex and E-R-O

via Chain Drug Review

CORNWALL, N.Y. – Randob announced Thursday that the company has acquired a portfolio of new brands, including the popular insect first aid remedy for chigger bites, Chiggerex, and ear wax remover E-R-O.

“Strategically, it makes a lot of sense for us,” said James Creagan, chief executive officer of Randob. “These are well-loved brands with strong continuing consumer interest that advance our portfolio strategy. Chiggerex complements our popular insect bite first aid brands Sting-Kill and Fire-Out. Just like our acquisition of the venerable Balmex brand in 2018, Chiggerex and E-R-O have a proud heritage on retailers’ shelves and in consumers’ medicine cabinets.

“We’re excited to start speaking to retailers and returning these brands to store shelves in early 2020.” Creagan continued, noting that Randob is working closely with The Emerson Group during the relaunch of both brands. Randob has been working with Emerson since 2018.

“We’ll support these brands the same way we do with our other brands in major retailers, implementing a data-driven plan to drive customers to retail partners,” he finished.

Both Chiggerex and E-R-O will be available for shipment to trade customers beginning in 2020.

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