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REX Awards 2024: OTC Products

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This year’s winners of DSN’s REX Awards – OTC are companies that are developing innovative products in a variety of categories, all enabling retailers to help consumers self-treat issues.

CrossingWell Consumer Health

Family-owned CrossingWell Consumer Health’s expertise is revitalizing and maintaining heritage brands. The Cornwall on Hudson, N.Y.-based company has achieved consistent double-digit growth year over year with this strategy.

"We did some research, and PediaCare is still a very trusted name."

In 2023 CrossingWell, formerly Randob Labs, relaunched the PediaCare brand. PediaCare is now available at several national and regional grocery and drug chains. The brand re-introduced five SKUs to the market, including Children’s and Infants’ Acetaminophen, Children’s Ibuprofen, Cough & Cold and Cough & Congestion.

“The brand was on the market for three or four years under previous owners,” said Jim Creagan, president and second-generation owner of CrossingWell. “We did some research, and PediaCare is still a very trusted name.” In first aid, CrossingWell has two top-performing insect bite and sting brands, Sting-Kill and Chiggerex. Both brands have been on the market for decades and have loyal customers. To bolster its first aid lineup, CrossingWell acquired Bacitraycin Plus and Zinc Oxyde Plus in 2021. Creagan said Bacitraycin Plus is the only nationally branded bacitracin ointment that contains the doctor-recommended antibiotic for healing from minor cuts, scrapes and burns alongside soothing aloe.

In the baby space, CrossingWell has Balmex diaper rash cream and ointment, a brand the company acquired in 2018. Creagan said the company invested in new packaging and marketing guided by quantitative consumer research, and the result has been high consumer loyalty and repeat purchase rates at key retailers and expanded distribution into additional retailers.

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