Randob Labs and Sting-Kill partner with animal expert and Youtube sensation Coyote Peterson

BY MICHAEL JOHNSEN for Drug Store News

CORNWALL, N.Y. — Randob Labs and its Sting-Kill brand on Friday partnered with adventurist and animal expert Coyote Peterson to take on the painful stings of yellow jackets in the latest episode of “Breaking Trail” on Brave Wilderness.

“I take the risk to expose myself to some of the most painful stings and bites nature can provide, so I need to be able to trust that I will get quick relief from the resulting pain or itch,” commented Peterson, who counts on Sting-Kill for this relief. “If it can bring relief to the intense pain of a bullet ant sting, my first video with the brand, then you know that it will be effective on bee stings and other bug bites – my latest yellow jacket video shows this.”

“If Sting-Kill can provide Coyote Peterson with relief, I think it’s a real testament to how powerful the medicine is.”

“The partnership with Coyote Person is a natural fit,” explained Jim Creagan, president of Randob Labs. “He encounters some serious stings on a daily basis, so if Sting-Kill can provide Coyote Peterson with relief, I think it’s a real testament to how powerful the medicine is in our everyday sting and bite relief formulas.”

Peterson has more than 7.5 million YouTube subscribers and more than 1 billion views on his videos. He has experienced some of the most powerful bites and stinging creatures including black widows, scorpions, and most recently, yellow jackets.

The Sting-Kill bullet ant sting relief video has gotten more than 15.2 million views.

In addition to the Coyote Peterson partnership, Sting-Kill also launched a TV commercial that is currently airing through the early fall season, as well as advertising on social media. The brand is engaging with its active Facebook community offering seasonal giveaways, tips, and recipes from the nationally-recognized BBQ competition team, the Killer Hogs.

“We’re expanding our distribution each season because we are raising awareness of the brand’s effective formula and unique delivery options – individual swabs or wipes,” added Creagan.

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